Clinica Europa (dentist)

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Clinica Europa runs a caring dental practice within a caring international general medical centre. I am the dental surgeon Michael Mannish. I qualified at St. Bartholomews hospital and London University in 1980 and specialised in cosmetic dentistry in Harley St. seeing many people from theatre and tv. So I have many years of experience and enjoy meeting new and old clients ; especially those that have unpleasant memories of previous dentists or are terrified of ANY dental visit. Personalised care and attention are a priority. We are fair with our pricing and do not try to sell you unwanted treatments especially implants. Implants are fantastic but not for everyone. I am qualified and able to do them but feel that they should be done by an expert. So the maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Jose Antonio Gonzalez attends our clinic. We offer a free check up and you will be given the prices before any work is done . We offer a free 2nd opinion for your peace of mind. The Dentist has an excellent back up team of general medical doctors and specialists, who can resolve health problems of patients, related to dental health and also to general health. So if you have an estimate from elsewhere or just want to query some dental advice call Manuella who speaks English,Spanish and German.

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