La Bella Casa (Interior design)

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Creating a spectacular home doesn't need to be expensive. From single pieces to whole homes we can help your home look designed rather than just furnished. Our design strategy is start with key statement pieces and work around them. Where budgets are tight we work on an ideal/best deal basis that still delivers a wow. For example a pair of vibrant kilim cushions can be "supported" by a couple of cheaper cushions, the money saved could be invested in a kilim rug or deducted from the budget. A beautiful dining table can be complemented by cheaper chairs, or a budget dining table can be stained or painted and dressed to create impact beyond its price tag. We started out in 2005 as suppliers of Moroccan furniture including mosaic tables, iron work, daybeds and a huge range of Moroccan styled home furnishings. We soon realised that Moroccan accessories and clean-lined modern furniture work surprisingly well together and so the full La Casa Bella range began to emerge. Today we deliver decor schemes and individual pieces from the modern, cool, calm and sophisticated to the bohemian and atmospheric. Our website covers our core products, but many items never make it onto the website, a lot of what we supply is bespoke or individually sourced. Our show room in Competa and the website can best be described as the same flavour. The website needs continuity, so that customers can browse for items and return later and find them still available. In the shop itメs quite the opposite, displays need to keep changing so that customers have plenty of reasons to keep coming back again and again. We canメt display everything from the website, we would need a space the size of Ikea. What we do have is a constantly changing selection of things in the same sort of styles that you see on La Casa Bella, alongside the core website lines. We continue to make contacts and scour the globe for interesting decor. We're quite happy to answer as many questions as you have. Email us at La Casa Bella Calle Cazadores 12 Competa 29754 Malaga (+34) 952516117