Start A Magazine

The Sentinella Business Opportunity gives YOU the chance to start your very own The Sentinella magazine in your part of the world. Each area is sold only once, giving you total exclusivity in your region.

The Sentinella is a fun and light-hearted community magazine, distributed once a month, within a small area. Money is made from the companies and tradesmen who pay for an advertisement inside the magazine.

Along with the adverts, The Sentinella magazine also contains funny stories, pictures, lists, jokes, plus local information, such as a What’s On page, Useful Phone Numbers, Restaurant Reviews and Business Case Studies.

Distribution of the magazine is between 3,000-7,000 copies monthly and it is printed professionally; the only regular cost.

No experience is necessary in any part of the magazine production process, as we show you exactly what steps to take. We are also available for ten hours a day via phone and email to offer you advice and support.

As The Sentinella Network grows and our pool of brand name advertisers does too, we will become the first choice for companies advertising their goods and services across the globe.

Our motto is “Spread The Fun.” We believe there is too much depressing information on the television and in the media. They say laughter is the best medicine and our goal is to give every person on the planet a daily dosage of it.

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