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Well Therm Medical Thermography offers women a valuable first- line breast health screening to identify early changes in the breasts, which can warn us of the development of breast disease before physical symptoms are apparent. Janet van Dam, of Well Therm, wants to make a difference to womenメs health after personally experiencing the loss of her mother to breast cancer by offering infrared breast health checks in combination with Low Carb High Fat Nutritional Coaching. Thermography is useful for women of all ages, who seek a non-invasive and non-radiation approach to regular breast screening or as an additional option to other screening tests. Thermography is a simple test of physiology, showing us how the body is functioning. It can identify fibrocystic activity, inflammation, hormone activity and can help predict the risk of having breast disease in the future. Thermal breast imaging is especially useful for those younger women, where mammography is much less accurate due to the the inability to find small tumours in dense breast tissue. Half and Full Body Screenings are also available, helping your health care practitioner make a better diagnosis. Examples are fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, heart and lung insufficiency, carotid artery flow, visualising signs of diabetes in hands and feet and the early development of diabetic foot ulcers. For more information or questions, please feel free to contact Janet on 618989125 or UK 0044 (0)7539 366 283 or visit

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