The tandem flight is the best way to introduce to this sport. In this modality you will fly with a professional cualificated pilot that will give you some basic notions during the flight and maybe will give you the controls for a while allowing you to feel all the emotions of this sport.

The tandem can be done in free flight in paragliding, or in asisted by a motor in Paratrike/Parabuggy, a chasis with three wheels that allow us to take off from everywhere without phisical or age limits.

With Paragliding we will take off from the mountain after a 4×4 road to the top. You only need to run a little bit with the piot and in a few steps you will be on air.

With Parabuggy, the take off and landing will be on the beach -or other avaiable place- and you only need to take sit on the trike and wait till the pilot drives and take off before and easier thant you can imagine.

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