Surveillance Cameras Accessed From Anywhere You can have peace of mind knowing that your security cameras will record everything that happens in your home.

Surveillance systems are now affordableᅠfor securing homes. Imagine being able to see allᅠactivityᅠatᅠyour home on your smartphone while you are away! Security cameras are a huge crime deterrent,ᅠas the evidence recorded can be used to catch them in the act. ᅠIt's not worth the risk, as researchᅠshows that the presence of security camerasᅠreduces crime rates. Security cameras make your holiday homeᅠsafeᅠand monitorᅠservice staff, even you are absent. If your employees know they are being recorded, they are more likely to do a good job! On the other and many people are afraid of being robbed. It may not be a phobia but once in a while you may wake up in the middle of the night from strange or unfamiliar noises. Now you get find it hard to sleep without making sure that no one has entered your property. A home surveillance system will be the perfect answer to such worries. With a surveillance system installed, you can see all doors and windows and any other possible entry points from the comfort of your bedroom, be it live or on video with playback advance on your smartphone. Your smartphone is your key, you can watch what is going on and if necessary get in touch with the authorities at the same time. We at Perfect Alarm S.L. have trained qualified technologist, that are always up to date with the newest products and technology for you security. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts for free advice and quotations.

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Casa Klein, Costa del Sol Senior Hotel. Can this be the place of your dreams? Situated on a hilltop overlooking the mountains and ocean, north of Velez-Malaga, Senior Hotel Casa Klein offers 16 single and 2 double rooms in a wheelchair friendly environment surrounded by a magnificent garden with hundreds of different flowers and trees. Individual rooms - All rooms are fitted with individual climatization (heating and cooling) and have their own separate entrance, toilet and shower. Each room is left with room for adding a personal touch and you find TV channels in Scandinavian and other languages as well. Language Our staff speak English and several Scandinavian languages, and are all carefully chosen. Most have been working with us for many years now and you will never find yourself in a situation where you cannot be understood in your native language. The help is always near. Doctors We have several doctors affiliated to Casa Klein, who together with our own nurses are responsible for the distribution and control of any medications prescribed. Keeping a daily record, with particular attention given to blood pressure and general wellbeing, we monitor your condition around the clock. The People In general all people working at Casa Klein are care takers by nature, so if you choose to stay at our Senior Hotel, for a short period of time recovering from illness or if you choose to stay at CASA KLEIN on permanent basis you will always feel secure and never be left alone.

Can this be the place of your dreams?

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We speak all Scandinavian languages, English, Spanish, German and French 

Welcome to Buy A Home Spain - a lifestyle concept - It is a Buyer's Dream and a Seller's Solution. We don't just show you a few properties and ask: 'Which one do you want?!' - we go the extra mile! As well as our own local properties for sale, we collaborate with over 1,000 local agents on the Costas of Spain who, like us, have local knowledge about their properties and their location. And you can access their many thousands of properties directly with us. If you want to sell a property you can list it with us and we will share it with all these estate agents so that their buyers can be sent to view it with a member of our local team. We are well aware that buying a home in Spain is only one part of a lifestyle decision. Our friendly team, based in our offices in Torre del Mar and Puente de Don Manuel, is here to help you in every aspect of life in Spain from the day you make your initial enquiry about a property or an area, to the day you complete your purchase - and very importantly - long after that date to help you integrate into a new lifestyle.

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