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People who Come and Go - Making a fresh start in Spain! Are you be thinking of making a fresh start in Spain? After many years of working in the business here are my top tips: If you possibly can, keep a home base in your country of origin. So many people sold up completely a few years ago and came over when the prices were so high that selling their properties in their home countries was the only way of buying here. So if you can possibly afford, even if you have to downsize, to keep a base at home, do so. Not everyone likes it when they get here, so don't close the door on the known, in favour only of the unknown. Do your homework thoroughly before you commit. Decide on the area you like best first, ensure you are happy with your choice of property - is a country property definitely the right thing for you, or will it make you too isolated if you wish to integrate? Or does a village house sound like just what you want, but will it be too noisy? Get your budget right. If you are considering borrowing against your future property, remember you may only achieve a small percentage of the total value, so don't bother viewing high value country houses if you don't have the right funds. Always tell your agent if you need to borrow money against a property - some houses may not be eligible for mortgages. And remember to add around 10% for purchase costs. Don;t forget to listen to the advice of your agent, as well as your lawyer. As agents we spend 100% of our time checking out properties and we know the local market very well. Don't believe everything you read in the foreign press on buying in Spain, so much of it is very inaccurate. And finally, don't buy if you wish to make a fast profit. The market is recovering but it looks unlikely that prices will race up as before. Buy to enjoy, not to make money!

Welcome to Buy A Home Spain - a lifestyle concept - It is a Buyer's Dream and a Seller's Solution. We don't just show you a few properties and ask: 'Which one do you want?!' - we go the extra mile! As well as our own local properties for sale, we collaborate with over 1,000 local agents on the Costas of Spain who, like us, have local knowledge about their properties and their location. And you can access their many thousands of properties directly with us. If you want to sell a property you can list it with us and we will share it with all these estate agents so that their buyers can be sent to view it with a member of our local team. We are well aware that buying a home in Spain is only one part of a lifestyle decision. Our friendly team, based in our offices in Torre del Mar and Puente de Don Manuel, is here to help you in every aspect of life in Spain from the day you make your initial enquiry about a property or an area, to the day you complete your purchase - and very importantly - long after that date to help you integrate into a new lifestyle.

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