La Bodega is a cafe sports bar with live sport on three screens. If you like to watch sport then La Bodega is the place to be on Torrox Costa, Axarquia.

Showing football, motor racing, rugby, cricket and more. Every Thursday night there is a fun quiz starting at 8.30pm.

Serving mini bocadillos with crisps, eat in or takeaway from 11am. Thurdays 2nd filling is free and Monday and Wednesdays buy 2 bocadillos and get one free!

Open Monday to Friday 11am - Late and Saturday and Sunday 12 noon - late.

Discover our family run bar....

We show all major sports coverage of European, British and International football, rugby, F1 racing, boxing and any other events that you would want to watch at your 'Home of Live Sport' So whether you would like to enjoy all the live sport action on our 6 screens, play pool, improve your dart skills, or chill out on our large sunny terrace while sampling our famous loaded nachos, or unique nacho burgers along with a great selection of draught beers, including Guinness, Coors Light, London Pride and Thatchers cider. Whatever you choose you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at your "Home of Sport and More"

Body Works; Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Massageᅠtherapyᅠisᅠtheᅠmanipulationᅠofᅠtheᅠsoftᅠtissuesᅠofᅠtheᅠbodyᅠforᅠtheᅠpurposeᅠofᅠnormalizingᅠthose tissuesᅠandᅠconsistsᅠofᅠmanualᅠtechniquesᅠthatᅠincludeᅠtrigger point release, use of the g5 machine, stretching and kinesiology taping. Generally,ᅠmassageᅠisᅠknownᅠtoᅠaffectᅠtheᅠcirculationᅠofᅠblood, improve lymphatic drainage,ᅠreduceᅠmuscularᅠtension andᅠenhanceᅠtissueᅠhealing.ᅠTheseᅠeffects provideᅠaᅠnumberᅠofᅠbenefits: reductionᅠofᅠmuscleᅠtensionᅠandᅠstiffness reliefᅠofᅠmuscleᅠspasms specialising in back and sciatic greaterᅠflexibilityᅠandᅠrangeᅠofᅠmotion reliefᅠofᅠstressᅠandᅠaideᅠofᅠrelaxation promotionᅠofᅠdeeperᅠandᅠeasierᅠbreathing improvementᅠofᅠtheᅠcirculationᅠofᅠbloodᅠandᅠlymphatic drainage reliefᅠofᅠtension-relatedᅠconditions,ᅠsuchᅠasᅠheadachesᅠandᅠeyestrain reductionᅠinᅠtheᅠformationᅠofᅠexcessiveᅠscarᅠtissueᅠfollowingᅠsoftᅠtissueᅠinjuries improvementᅠinᅠpostureᅠthroughᅠchangingᅠtensionᅠpatternsᅠthatᅠaffectᅠposture reductionᅠinᅠstressᅠandᅠanᅠexcellentᅠstressᅠmanagementᅠtoo creationᅠofᅠaᅠfeelingᅠofᅠwell-being reductionᅠinᅠlevelsᅠofᅠanxiety. By Amanda Edge Bsc hons, RSA. 'Body Works', Sports Massage Therapist, Calle de Venta Baja, Puente Don Manuel, Nr La Vinuela.

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Tel:655 936 590

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