5 Things You Should Know About Life In Axarquía

Andalucia in Southern Spain is one of the most entrancing destinations in Europe. Blessed with a climate that most countries can only dream about, it offers solo travellers, couples, groups and families a range of unparalleled holiday opportunities. The region of Axarquía is unrivalled in this region. Less populated than many of its neighbours, it has everything for a holiday or to relocate: beaches, history, exceptional food choices, retail therapy and sports for everyone. Here are 5 tips to make your visit special and unique.

1. Fancy a dance? Try a Feria

Axarquía boasts an incredible coastline with both gentle promenades and rugged cliffs. The area is fortunate as it is bathed in glorious sunshine for most of the year. Days are long and this wonderful temperature allows for a chilled lifestyle. If you visit in summer try to plan your trip to coincide with one of the many Ferias or festivals, both in the villages or the towns. These Ferias are days set aside by each city, town or village to celebrate usually a Saint but it might be a harvest of raisins (El Borge) or even a black pudding (Canillas de Aceitunas). Most of the action takes place later at night when the temperature becomes bearable. Wherever you decide to visit a major town Feria like Torre Del Mar or a small village event such as Viñuela both held in July, you’ll not be disappointed. There’s free live entertainment, noisy processions, dancing, flowing drinks and tapas which all help to create an unparalleled atmosphere. It is unlike anywhere in Europe! https://www.spain-holiday.com/Spain/articles/best-events-in-spain

Feria of Santiago and Santa Ana in Torre del Mar

2. Axarquia's Cuisine 

Axarquía’s cuisine is a foodie’s delight: healthy, diverse and excellent value Seafood is freshly caught and collected from Caleta port. A whole range of delicious seafood is prepared for your pleasure. Fried or cooked over a massive BBQ, the range and flavour is incredible. One speciality is espetos or sardines cooked on sticks over a BBQ made from a boat. In the mountains of Axarquía, meat replaces seafood. Be prepared to wait and salivate as huge chunks of pork or lamb are slowly roasted over coals. These meat platters are often shared by the table groups, ‘para compartir’ along with salads of freshly harvested tomatoes or avocados. However, one different meat not to be missed is the young goat or chivo which is very popular in this region. Tapas do appear and in many bars cost a measly 1€ for a plate. They are a great accompaniment to a cold beer or cold wine (wine here is served from the chiller and yes, it works!). They tend to follow the more traditional path: prawns in shells with salt, meatballs or tortilla but most places proudly make their tapas on the premises and they are an excellent and affordable way to eat.

Espetos are skewers of Spanish sardines that are cooked over open flame usually on a BBQ made on a boat on the beach

3. Diverse drinks

Axarquía produces quality wine and muscatel. As you travel, you’ll see the extensive hillside vineyards. Some will have visits and tours such as in Competa. But there’s more to Spain than wine: honestly! Though who can resist a tinto de verano (summer wine) red wine with sparkling soda water or with fizzy lemon with massive ice cubes? This is not sangria! In fact, ordering a jug of sangria is often seen as the mark of a tourist. This is a refreshing summer drink, mainly served in Andalucia, which hits the spot on a hot summer’s day.

Enjoy a nice iced cold drink on a hot summer's day

4. Travel is straightforward

Arrival at Malaga airport and wanting to head to Axarquía? It’s very straightforward. There are no trains like the one to the other Costa, but it’s still an easy and cheap journey. You take the train to Malaga main station then take a short walk through an excellent shopping centre to the bus and coach station. Here buses are frequent and most stop at every possible beach location in Axarquía: Chilches, Benajarafe, Torre Del Mar, Torrox and Nerja. The inland towns are then an economical taxi ride or less frequent bus service. Of course, private hire companies will pick you up from the airport but the public transport route will cost you under 5€ and it’s fast, efficient and air conditioned! Once in your location perhaps you’ll want to travel around? Try local companies for some excellent car hire bargains. Car hire is cheap and roads, especially the motorways, are unbelievably quiet.

A couple relaxing on the beach and enjoying the relaxing mediteranean sea

5. Quality of life

Spain is frequently listed amongst the best places to live in the world. Anyone who visits Axarquía can see why. The Spanish have an enviable longevity. No wonder. They value a work life balance. They celebrate everything from Saints to name days. They embrace life and each other. Visit Axarquía and you’ll fall in love with this very special region.

Buen viaje!