Christmas Lights In Malaga 2023

The date for the inauguration of the Christmas lights and sound show in Málaga will be the Friday 24th November, continuing the tradition of making the last weekend in the month the date for the big switch on and the official start of the Christmas period in Málaga city centre. From that moment the entire length of the main shopping street of Málaga, Calle Larios, along with several other parts of the city, will be lit up every night for 6 festive weeks.

The lights stretch along Calle Larios and continue into the Plaza de la Constitución in which there is an 18 metre Christmas tree. Other gigantic illuminated trees are placed around the city, although their locations may change from year to year.

This year the main lighting on Calle Larios will remain unchanged from last year but there will be completely different lights in new parts of the city.


New lights in La Concepción

Anyone who has visited the city centre for the occasion in previous years will recall that taking the bus or joining an organised trip may be a less stressful option, as parking is in demand and the traffic congestion can overwhelm the centre. Click the link below for an organised trip.


Preparing the spectacular starts well in advance each year, and once the designs are completed, the installation begins in September. Over four million lights are switched on every night until the festive season ends with the arrival of the Three Kings on 6th January.


Every year newspapers carry stories of the ambitious operation; the sheer quantity of bulbs and LED strips is quite mind-boggling. They, and the local council are keen to point out that the electric consumption has actually fallen dramatically over recent years due to the type of bulbs used, despite the designs becoming ever more elaborate and spectacular.

For 2021 and the next two years, the council has passed the design and construction of the illuminations to a private contractor, who will receive an eye-watering sum of over 3.5 million euros for their services over the three year period.


We are waiting confirmation to see if the La Concepción Botanical Gardens, Malaga will also host the Christmas lights event once again this year 'Las Luces del Botánico'. Visit official link below for updates.


If that's not all, on the south of the tower of Malaga Cathedral a 3D imagery from the Nativity Story has been displayed since 2021 also accompanied by a sound and light show. There is good news that this was a success with the visitors and will be going ahead this year too. 


If you have never taken the trip into the centre to marvel at the lights, the ingenuity of the designs and the sheer scale of the entire operation, it really is worth the trip.


Apart from gazing up at the light display, there is plenty more on offer in the city centre, such as the Christmas market at the Parque de Málaga, a stone’s thrown from Calle Larios where you can take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere, pick up some novelties or items for your own “Belén” Bethlehem scene, or buy a gift or two.


And a firm Christmas favourite, the poinsettia plant, will be both for sale in shops and markets, and also adorning public spaces with its bright festive colours.


Businesses will be hoping that the lights attract visitors to the centre to shop and buy refreshments, so if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, seeing the Málaga Christmas lights is one thing you do not really want to miss out on, and if the last few years’ offerings are anything to go by, you will have a truly memorable evening.