FAQ’S Online Advertising

If this is your first visit to our site, you will need to register. Click the register button top right of your screen. Once registered you are logged in. 

If you are returning to the site you will need to click the log in button, top right of your screen.

Firstly, register. Once you have registered you can sign in and click ‘add listing’ and follow the instructions.

Or follow the video guidelines at the bottom of this page  https://thesentinella.com/website-advertising/

Yes, just follow the same process for each business.

Listings are paid yearly, a Premium Listing costs 180 euros + iva and a Standard Listing is 120 euros + iva. 

See link for differences between Premium and Standard.


During the process of adding your listing, once you have pressed ‘save and preview’ you will see a red button, bottom left of screen saying, ‘pay and publish’ once you have clicked this button you will see the bank details, where you can make payment.

If you are in any doubt you can call: 664 210 468. Payments take approximately 2/3 days to clear. Once we receive your payment you will receive an email stating that your listing is now live. 

Please ensure your images are the correct size.

Logo 150 pixels x 150 pixels @72dpi (resolution) 

Cover Image 1080 pixels x 720 pixels @72dpi 

Gallery Images 1080 x 720 pixels @72dpi


Your content can be as long or as short as you like, for the best SEO purposes relevant text of 500+ words is best. If you chose a premium listing ‘search engine optimised text’ is included. We will contact you about this once your lisitng is received. 

Log on to your account, click the person icon, top right of screen, click on the listing you want to edit and click the green ‘Edit Listing’ button on the bottom right of your screen. Remember once you have made your edits to save your changes. 

You will receive an email to inform you of any reviews that are posted on your page. 

You cannot remove a review on your listing. You can reply to a review. 

Yes, log in and go to the profile image icon, top right of screen, click dashboard. The statistics you see are weekly. You will find the total amount of statistics by clicking listings, here you will find the total number of views, favourites and shares. 

If you would like to upgrade your listing from a standard to a premium listing please call: 664 210 468. 

Yes, go to your profile, scroll to the bottom and you will see password change.

Call 664 210 468 or email: sales@thesentinella.com and we will give it to you.