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Wednesday, 10 March 2010 00:00

Playa de Maro – an exotic natural bay for families

Located in the Andalusian hills is the Playa de Maro. This exotic bay is surrounded by a natural stony coastline, which is bordered by rocks on its sides. This popular bathing bay is found on the Costa del Sol.


This bathing bay is adequately signposted and its route leads you past the settlement of Maro. The pristine view of the natural bay can easily be seen along the access road of the beach. The settlement of Maro can be found further inland. Playa de Maro also offers accessible parking spaces.

The dark, sandy beach is 150 meters long and it is interspersed with small pebbles.

There are various facilities that the beach offers, including public toilets, wooden cabins, restaurant, beach bar, housing and so on. These facilities offer a lot and they are located at the back of the beach. There are also a variety of loungers and sun beds available on shore for hire.

Divers from all over the world are attracted to the Playa de Maro because of the Crystal-clear water and a diverse underwater world the beach possesses. There are qualified water sports operators that specialise in kayaks on the beach. All you will need is a snorkel and your own equipment to enjoy these activities. Lifeguards are also found on the beach to ensure the safety of both adults and children.

The warm Mediterranean water found in the Playa de Maro attracts many bathers; they take extreme pleasure in splashing around. The beautiful, natural bay of Maro is fully equipped with amazing facilities which attracts both locals and tourists alike.

  • Lifeguards
  • Public toilets
  • Wooden Cabins
  • Sun Loungers
  • Crystal Clear water perfect for snorkeling 

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