Beaches Axarquia - Nerja - Playa Calahonda

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 06:00

Playa Calahonda–a crowded modern bay that is by the Balcón de Europa.

In the exotic coastal town of Nerja, lies an exquisite Andalusian attraction called Playa Calahonda, it nestles to the east of the popular, Balcón de Europa. Playa Calahonda is surrounded by wild bushes and a varied rocky landscape. In the west there is a beautiful backdrop formed by many palm trees and the stone fortification of the Balcón de Europa can be easily seen. The lively bay is accessed by a broad set of steps paved with mosaics coming from the Plaza de Balcón. The fine pebbles and dark sand is one of the attractions of the beach.


There are several facilities available to tourists such as public toilets and a lifeguard who is always on duty to ensure the safety of you and your kids. The shallow clear sea water attracts bathers and snorkelers. There are also loungers and beach umbrellas available for rent, and they can be found in the middle of the beach. There are several shops, bars and  restaurants that can be easily located in the Plaza de Balcón de Europa. Another beautiful feature of this beach is the idyllic white fishing cottage that can be seen at the left-hand end of the bay surrounded by the beautiful rocky landscape. There are many fishing boats that are available when needed and these boats are painted in several vibrant colours.

Restaurants or water sports operators are not found on the Calahonda beach; however you can locate shops, bars and restaurants in the surrounding area of the bay. The beautiful Playa Calahonda is a popular destination for many tourists because of its central position. From the month of July to September, the Calahonda beach attracts many people. If you need the peace and quiet, there are two small adjacent bays to the east where you can relax especially if the beach gets a little bit noisy and crowded for you.

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