Playa de Algarrobo Costa - a pebble beach surrounded by multi storey holiday apartments with a lovely palm promenade

There are a lot of multi storey buildings that are positioned in a way that its occupants can get a great view of the sea. These buildings are on the coastal resort of Algarrobo-Costa which is a few meters east of the popular resort of Torre del Mar on the Costa del Sol.

Playa de Torre del Mar - A three kilometre long tourist magnet on the Costa del Sol

One of the most popular holiday destinations on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia is the Playa de Torre del Mar. it is a wide sandy beach, spreading over 3 km, located in the Torre del Mar resort which is about 40 minutes away from Malaga. It is usually filled with travellers from Spain, Italy, and France during the summer months. There are a variety of restaurants along the large promenade and at night, the centre of this holiday resort becomes filled with a lot of people.

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