My Lawyer In Spain, Professional Legal Lawyers, British Solicitors, Legal advice in English, Solicitors in Torre del Mar



My Lawyer In Spain, Professional Legal Lawyers, British Solicitors, Legal advice in English, Solicitors in Torre del Mar
My Lawyer In Spain, Professional Legal Lawyers, British Solicitors, Legal advice in English, Solicitors in Torre del Mar
My Lawyer In Spain, Professional Legal Lawyers, British Solicitors, Legal advice in English, Solicitors in Torre del Mar
My Lawyer In Spain, Professional Legal Lawyers, British Solicitors, Legal advice in English, Solicitors in Torre del Mar


British Solicitors - Legal Advice 


Navigating the legal landscape of a foreign country can be daunting, especially when faced with language barriers and differing legal systems. That is where My Lawyer in Spain becomes an indispensable ally. My Lawyer in Spain, a distinguished legal firm, offers a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of those residing in, or dealing with the legal system in Spain.


Legal Professionals 


Our team is at the heart of My Lawyer in Spain's exceptional service offering. We are not just any group of legal professionals; we are a dynamic team comprising experienced British Solicitors and Spanish Abogados. Our professionals bring a blend of local and international expertise, crucial in navigating the complexities inherent in Spanish legal matters. The team at My Lawyer in Spain boasts dual qualifications, ensuring we are adept at handling legal scenarios from multiple jurisdictions. This unique combination of skills and experience means we can offer invaluable advice, especially when dealing with the nuances of Spanish law. Our expertise spans various legal domains, including property purchases or sales, the visa process, rental contracts, Spanish wills, estates, inheritance, family law, litigation, company incorporations, and tax advice for residents and non-residents alike.


English Speaking Lawyers in Torre del Mar 


One of the standout qualities we offer at My Lawyer in Spain is our commitment to transparent, jargon-free communication. Legal language can be complex even in one's native tongue. My Lawyer in Spain ensures that our English-speaking clients in Spain or the Balearic Islands receive straightforward, understandable legal advice. This approach is particularly beneficial for English-speaking clients who may find navigating the Spanish legal system challenging. Our firm's ability to demystify legal processes and communicate effectively in English sets us apart, making legal matters more accessible and less intimidating for its clients.


Another significant aspect of My Lawyer in Spain is its widespread presence nationwide. With offices spanning the country, we offer unparalleled accessibility to clients, regardless of location. This broad geographical reach is a testament to our commitment to being available and responsive to our client's needs, wherever they may be. Whether you are in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, My Lawyer in Spain are equipped to provide top-notch legal assistance.


New Torre del Mar Law Office 

These offices include our newest location in Torre del Mar where you can meet Patricia Ruiz, Claudia Millon and the support team. Other local team members from other offices are also available to meet you there by appointment.


Transparency for us also includes our legal costs. The firm recognises the importance of financial clarity in legal matters. We are committed to providing clients with detailed, written cost information before undertaking any legal case. This policy of upfront and evident communication regarding fees relieves clients of the anxiety often associated with legal costs, allowing them to focus on the substantive issues.


International Legal Advice 


The firm's local and international experience is invaluable when assisting with Spanish legal matters. The team comprises Spanish Abogados, English, Irish and Scottish solicitors, all experts in their respective areas of law. This international perspective, combined with deep local knowledge, positions My Lawyer in Spain as a firm that can effectively bridge the gap between legal systems and cultures.


Professional Expert Lawyers 


Furthermore, My Lawyer in Spain prides itself on its professional approach. Each team member is an expert in their field and brings professionalism and practicality to their work. This professionalism extends to their commitment to independence and acting solely in the best interests of our clients. The team's local knowledge and friendly and approachable demeanour make them a preferred choice for many seeking legal assistance in Spain.


My Lawyer in Spain offers a valuable resource for individuals seeking legal information about Spanish law through our Legal Advice Downloads page. This service aims to make complex legal topics accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of their legal background. The range of topics covered is extensive and particularly relevant for those living in or dealing with Spanish legal matters. For instance, downloads about different visa types, including Non-Lucrative Visas, Golden Visas, and Digital Nomad Visas, provide essential information for those looking to move to Spain.


Property Lawyers 


Property-related legal matters, a common concern for many in Spain, are also well-represented. The downloads offer practical guides such as a Property Buyer's Checklist, information on Property Transfer Tax in popular regions, budgeting for Spanish property purchases, and a comprehensive guide to buying property in Spain.


For more personal legal matters, My Lawyer in Spain provides downloads that include guides on Powers of Attorney in Spain, selling property, inheriting Spanish property, dealing with Spanish assets upon death, and advice for those going through divorce in Spain.


To help our Clients arriving from other countries, we offer many services online.  My Lawyer in Spain's online services and payments. From booking a first consultation, applying for an NIE on your behalf, through to Wills and Residency and Powers of Attorney. Your move to and life in Spain just got easier!

(Out of offices appointments available on request)

UK: 0845 508 2395

Spain: (+34) 951 203 094 

Costa Blanca: (+34) 966 943 219 


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