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Leak-Tec is a division of Axarquia Swimming Pools. The leading professional Swimming Pool company in the Axarquia region.


Every Swimming Pool loses water through evaporation, certain cleaning operations and 'splash-out', these are acceptable ways to lose water. What is not acceptable is to lose water from leaking pipe work, the skimmers and fitments, poorly fitted/sub-standard equipment or from the fabric of the Swimming Pool. If you are routinely adding 5-7cm of water to your Swimming Pool per week, you have a leak.


Leaking Swimming Pools cost money through the replenishment of water and chemical's and when you lose water from a fault with the Swimming Pool that water has to go somewhere and that some where is the ground around the Swimming Pool. A 5mm diameter hole will lose approximately 1, 500 litres of water every day! If the fault is left unattended a leaking Swimming Pool can cause damage to the support of the soft/hard standing surfaces around the Pool and in severe cases have an effect on the ground supporting the Swimming Pool. If you can see gaps appearing in the terracing around your Pool, you need to check for leaks. Above ground inspection requires the use of professional, patented sound amplifier and noise reduction listening equipment. This method of leak detection can be done without opening up the soft/hard standing surfacing or having to drop the water level within the Swimming Pool.


To detect problems with the pump, Swimming Pool ports, skimmers, the Swimming Pool lights, lighting conduit's and the fabric of the Swimming Pool we use our "in water" leak detection equipment. To confirm our initial assessment we can pressurise the pipe work and use our pipe-microphone to pin-point the problematic area to within 10cm. This equipment has a 25m range, which covers the length of pipe work serving most domestic and commercial Swimming Pools. The skimmers, Swimming Pool ports and the access areas are inspected using a high definition internal camera that has dye test capabilities. We also have the equipment to find leaks/problems with spa baths, depositos, mains water feeds and other water retention units.


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