Playa Playazo – A beautiful sandy beach that attracts you to its lovely scenery

This beach is approximately 1,700 meters long, it extends from the eastern end of the popular Andalusian coastal town of Nerja and spans far into the west reaching the outskirts of a small hotel complex. Playa Playazo is a little bit isolated from Nerja’s touristy town beaches; however you will find the beach restful and pleasurable.

Playa El Salon–a pleasant town bay that is small and exquisite

This delightful beach can be accessed through a wide pathway of Nerja. It is approximately five minutes from the popular Balcón de Europa and it is close to the popular Irish Pub "Cochran's". Wheelchairs can access the wide steep route, which is surrounded with planted tall palm trees. The promenade is surrounded by beautiful tall trees that adds to the beauty of the beach. 

Playa Calahonda–a crowded modern bay that is by the Balcón de Europa.

In the exotic coastal town of Nerja, lies an exquisite Andalusian attraction called Playa Calahonda, it nestles to the east of the popular, Balcón de Europa. Playa Calahonda is surrounded by wild bushes and a varied rocky landscape. In the west there is a beautiful backdrop formed by many palm trees and the stone fortification of the Balcón de Europa can be easily seen. The lively bay is accessed by a broad set of steps paved with mosaics coming from the Plaza de Balcón. The fine pebbles and dark sand is one of the attractions of the beach.

Playa de Ferrara 

Playa de Ferrara is a long beach and is located in the small Andalusian town of Torrox. El Faro lighthouse stands on a short breakwater that borders the beach to the east. There are coloured sands ranging from grey to beige and it covers a huge surface about 30 meters. It is around 45 minutes from Málaga.

Playa del Cenicero – a natural beach that is on the Costa del Sol friendly, but not crowded.

Located on the south coast of Andalusia is Playa del Cenicero and it is about 45 minutes from Málaga. Playa del Cenicero stretches out over more than a kilometer on the Costa Del Sol and its neighboring beach is the Playa de Ferrara. There are several excellent bars, shops, restaurants and cafes found along the broad, artfully designed promenade. Unlike the Playa de Ferrara where its scenery is dominated with apartment complexes and hotel, the Playa del Cenicero has low buildings that harmonise the beach landscape.

Playa de Maro – an exotic natural bay for families

Located in the Andalusian hills is the Playa de Maro. This exotic bay is surrounded by a natural stony coastline, which is bordered by rocks on its sides. This popular bathing bay is found on the Costa del Sol.

Playa de Burriana - the family-friendly bathing beach in the Andalusian coastal town of Nerja

Nestled in the east of the coastal town of Nerja is Playa de Burriana. It spans over 700 meters long on the Costa Del Sol. The wooded hills of Andalusia are found at the back of this old town. The idyllic charm of this pretty old town is still retained despite the number of tourist it attracts during peak season.

Playa Torre de Benagalbón located in Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria is a well-known beach on the Costa Del Sol, it covers about 1,600 meters and it is nestled at the Andalusian town. This popular beach beautifully sits close to the neighboring beach of Playa de Los Rubios. It is the town’s popular beach for holiday resort and it is approximately 20 minutes from Málaga.

Playa de Benajarafe - a long, unspectacular bathing beach for a relaxed family day

The Playa de Benajarafe stretches about one and half kilometers on the Andalusian Coastline directly between Torre del Mar and Rincon de la Victoria. It is within a fishing village known as Benajarafe which is only about half an hour away east of Malaga. Here, there are quite a few Chiringuito’s where you can have paella, espetos and other fish dishes straight from the grill. You can have salad with fish as well as other amazing delicacies. The facilities and buildings decrease as you move further towards the east. It is a lot more peaceful here and the few houses you will see are individual houses scattered amongst the shrubs and trees.

Playa del Morche - long family beach that's great for peace and privacy

On the south coast of Spain lies the Playa del Morche, which is only about 45 minutes away from Malaga. It is one of the 3 very popular sandy beaches on the Costa el Sol. You will get to a little tourist site known as El Morche if you follow the N-340 coast road. This tourist attraction consists of 2 rows of houses which are surrounded by several market gardens and orchards. In this area, you will find a few homes and shops but the majority of the structures you find are hotels, bars, restaurants and apartment complexes.

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