Don´t Create Your Dream home Backwards!

The first and most important step in a renovation or new construction phase many would think is to plan all the changes needed to create your dream home, but it might mean double the work in the end.


Your house can be perfectly legally registered without being built totally legal which might have an impact on what you are allowed to add or change to your home.


Or you might even find out when digging a bit deeper, that your house that has been in the family for as long as you can remember and really doesn’t have any legal documents, and the only thing registered is a shed!!


Therefore it’s very important to INVESTIGATE if there are any restrictions in your area OR with your specific property
before you do anything else.



If your home belongs to a community, it’s wise to check the community rules and follow these. The community can overrule the decision from the Townhall if you make changes which aren’t allowed in the community. There are many area-specific laws and regulations, as for example “Cultura” which protects houses in areas with a cultural inheritance, or “Costa” which protects the beach line.


An easy way to avoid any surprises is to ask an architect or a technical architect to do a simple prestudy with all this information included. With this in hand you can avoid losing time and money in your project and now make the right decisions for your renovation.


We hope you find this useful and that it will help you get one step closer to your dream home!


If you have any questions regarding your own property or the service we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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