Reprogram Your Mind

Event Details

Event to take place in The Energy Centre 

Event will be in Spanish 


Free Self Knowledge Workshop  -  Understand your behaviour patterns 

In this self-analysis and observation workshop, you will learn and become aware of: 

  • How your brain, brain waves and brain hemispheres work
  • How beliefs are installed in your subconscious
  • Who and what is directing your life at the unconscious level 
  • How the transgenerational and the collective, influence your behaviour patterns 
  • Altered states of consciousness where self-programming and de-programming is effective
  • And much more!... 


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To reserve your space - Call/Whatsapp Olga Hoyal - 609 473 076

Health Guidelines for this Event

(Tuesday) 07/02/2023 18:45 - 07/02/2023 20:00


Calle Maestro Manuel Durán López, 16, Torre del Mar, Spain