Illuminating Your Dream Home

Achieving an inviting and enchanting atmosphere in your home is no accident. It's the result of careful planning and a technique known as "layering". Layered lighting involves strategically positioning light sources at different heights and angles throughout your space. Each light source serves a specific purpose, allowing you to tailor the ambiance to your needs.


To master the art of layering light, let's focus on its three primary functions:


1. Ambient Lighting is the foundational illumination in your space, that provides a room with overall illumination. This will
typically be your ceiling lamp or recessed ceiling lights, providing overall brightness without setting a particular mood.

2. Task Lighting is your go-to for focused illumination during specific activities. This could be a reading lamp by your lounge chair, a study lamp by the desk, pendants over your kitchen island, or wall lamps in your bathroom.

3. Accent Lighting adds interest or attention to your interior. Use it to highlight art pieces, sculptures, or as a statement piece itself.



Consider these tips as you plan your lighting:


1. Install dimmers for ambient lighting when possible. Dimmers provide control over light intensity, allowing you to set the mood for any occasion.


2. Choose decorative lamps that complement your style. These pieces can serve as both lighting sources and design statements, adding personality to your space.


3. Outdoor Illumination: Don't limit your lighting design to the indoors. Plan exterior lighting to enhance your home's appeal.


We hope you find this useful and that it will help you get one step closer to your dream home! If you have any questions
regarding your own property or the service we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.