“Mediterranean Style” Is Much More Then Just A Style

Mediterranean architecture is a warm minimalism with soft shapes and materials that emphasise quality of life and invite simplicity in everyday life and in socialising with family and friends. We also find that simplicity here in Andalucia, but with much more elements of colours and patterns.


Andalucía's architectural heritage is a unique blend of influences from the Ancient Romans and Moors who cherished this region for centuries. From Roman times we see vaulted ceilings and intricate mosaic floors. The Moors brought an Arabic touch to Andalucía's architecture. Their legacy endures in landmarks like the Alhambra and Cordóba's Mezquita, showcasing the artistry of ancient Moorish scholars.


The Andaluz legacy is also woven into daily life. The Moors' expertise in irrigation enabled year-round farming, giving rise to charming whitewashed mountain towns. Water management, seen in fountains, cool interior courtyards, and shaded gardens, was a hallmark of their civilised society. Andaluz homes are reminiscent of Marrakech or Algiers, designed to combat the intense sun. They feature tall, narrow structures with thick walls and small windows to maintain a cool interior.


Simplicity in design doesn't mean lacking elegance. Arched windows and entryways, often with Arabic influences, soften straight lines and garden designs with framed views continue to be popular.



Timeless Geometry like Moorish patternwork is a stunning legacy. Richly-coloured tilework displays perfect tessellations of stars, squares, and curved shapes, used not only on floors but also in kitchens, bathrooms, and soft furnishings, maintaining a contemporary look.


We try to honour Andalucía's history in our Mediterranean-style projects, we pay homage to the rich and unique history of Southern Spanish design. We blend simplicity, function, Arabic-inspired shapes, and rich colours against calming white backgrounds to create a modern, yet timeless, Mediterranean home.